Welcome to the 2017 edition of the New York State Breast Cancer Support & Education Network (NYSBCSEN) Guide to NYS Breast Cancer Services. This Guide lists the breast cancer support and education services provided by 15 NYSBCSEN member organizations located in New York State communities stretching from Western New York to Long Island.
The purpose of this guide is three-fold:

To create better communication between NYSBCSEN member organizations in order to learn from each other, help those who seek our assistance, access a broader range of services, and support each other in our daily work guiding people with breast cancer through their journey.

To create a portal of entry for New Yorkers facing breast cancer who live in areas that do not have a local breast cancer organization. This Guide to Breast Cancer Services in New York State allows anyone facing breast cancer who contacts NYSBCSEN to access telephone or online services offered by our member organizations, as well as, when possible, to travel for face-to-face services in the communities represented in the Guide.

To become a mentoring tool for new organizations that want to know how to begin, what services to offer, and how to create those services for their own communities.

This Guide should be used only by the person(s) in your organizations that oversee and facilitate the provision of or referral to services; it should not be duplicated and distributed directly to those seeking help. This is important because our members’ services often change due to funding and other organizational concerns, and thus, as time goes on, a particular service listed in this printed version may have been discontinued. The Guide is also available on our website (www.nysbcsen.org) and will be updated at regular intervals.

Important Note:
This Guide is based on information provided by individual member organizations concerning the services that they offer; NYSBCSEN has merely put this list together in a consistent format in a single place.